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Congratulations to Cincinnati's own Mad Tree Brewing for being counted among the five fastest growing artisanal breweries in the United States.  With distribution in 51 counties (48 in Ohio and 3 in Kentucky), they have seen their barrel production go from 2,800 barrels to an expected 20,000 this year.  

In an interview with Graham Winfrey of Inc., founder Kenny McNutt says:

"We don't necessarily produce beers according to style," ... "We produce beers according to what flavor profiles we're looking for."

For example, the company's Happy Amber is hoppier than a standard amber, its Gnarly Brown tastes like a mix between a brown ale and a porter, and its Identity Crisis beer almost defies categorization. "We named it Identity Crisis for a reason," McNutt says. "It's somewhere between a Cascadian dark ale, a hoppy porter and a black IPA."

Whatever they are doing, they are doing right.  To read the entire article from Inc., and to check out the other four fastest-growing artisanl breweries, click here.


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