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While there seems to be new 'health studies' released on an hourly basis ... and if you wait long enough, the tide will almost certainly change from one direction to another in terms of what we should and should not be eating or drinking.  However, there was a study recently released that we can really get behind ... '5 Buzz-worthy Benefits of Red Wine' as described by Samantha Olson in Red Wine Burns Fat And Lowers Blood Pressure, Plus 5 Other Health Benefits For Winos.

Among the benefits? ... are you ready, because this could be life changing! Drinking red wine actually mimics the benefits of hitting the gym!  "Resveratrol is also responsible for heart-healthy benefits, including improved physical performance and muscle strength. "

So, when your friends ask what you are doing tonight? Just tell them you are 'working out' as you head over to Matt the Miller's for Wine Down Wednesday! 


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