And while an Irish Pub has many traits that make it truly ‘authentic’, one of the best is the pub’s atmosphere or ‘craic’ – the high energy feeling and sense of community and togetherness. Though Matt the Miller’s Tavern is not an Irish Pub, our restaurant was born out of a visit to the original Matt the Miller’s in Kilkenny Ireland, where the warm hospitality lingered long after the visit was over. We aim to deliver the same warm hospitality and ‘craic’ that we find in great pubs.

Before there was Matt the Miller’s Tavern, the was Matt the Miller.

Kilkenny, the medieval capital of Ireland, stands in the light of the majestic Kilkenny Castle. In years gone by all castles had their own mills, which were served by local peasants, who would turn their crops in to their landlord in lieu of rent. In Kilkenny, these crops were delivered daily to a young miller named Matt who ran the Mill at its present site of John’s Bridge.

Now young Matt was an enterprising lad. He kept the best of the barley to one side and developed his own home brew. As the years went by so Matt’s brew grew stronger and more popular, and he opened his own tavern in the mill.  Now at this time, condemned men were led to the gallows below Greensbridge and their last stop was said to be Matt’s tavern. Folklore says that Kilkenny’s most infamous thieves and rogues had their last request granted of fresh fish from the adjoining River Nore, a loaf of home-made soda bread and a jug of Matt’s ale.

As the story goes, twice a year the ghost of Matt is seen in the cellar bar of Matt The Millers, just to be sure the finest of brews are still being served to the condemned rogues and thieves of Kilkenny.

Here at Matt the Miller’s Tavern, we pay homage to the time and place where the Miller’s table was a gathering place for the community – where one can enjoy family, friends and good times.

The original Matt the Miller’s Tavern opened in 2008, in the failed Burgundy Room location in Dublin’s The Shoppes at Avery. A ‘tweener concept’ – not upscale or casual – from the beginning MTM has offered an upscale feel without the upscale price, and strives to be a community gathering place, whether for a family out to dinner, a business lunch, or friends watching a game. The chef-driven menu offers comfortable Tavern favorites, oftentimes with a unique twist. Local and craft beer also is a centerpiece of the MTM identity with up to 26 draft beers in the restaurants, which frequently rotate to highlight local breweries and the best craft beer on the market.