We’ve Got Something Special to Share

Verlasso Salmon, raised off the coast of Chile in Patagonia, has a buttery mouth feel, firm texture and mild flavor.
When our chefs found it, they knew our guests would love this delicious fish.

Our new spring menu features Seared Verlasso Salmon,
served with maple bourbon sauce, mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach, crispy onion straws, red pepper drizzle.


Andrew Zimmern Makes a Curanto from Verlasso Salmon.

Verlasso Salmon is lower in fat than conventional farmed salmon and offers a brighter taste.
Raised using innovative, sustainable practices at 42° south, far from cities, villages and industrial pollutants,
Verlasso salmon grow in ideal conditions, swimming in spacious waters of the Humboldt Current.

The current provides cold, low salinity water flowing up from deep ocean trenches, refreshing the farms all year long.
The fish thrive in waters uniquely primed with micro-nutrients and plankton – ideal growing conditions
that yield the freshest and healthiest salmon.